Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If you feel that you don't pay enough tax...........

Just Pay More.
Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, When you file your personal income taxes in April, send in more money.
If your accountant says you are entitled to a refund, deny it.
If you have to pay in April, double it, triple it.
There is absolutely nothing stopping you from paying, as you call it, "your fair share".
If anyone is making more than $250,000 and feels that they can pay more, pay it.
When I was working full time, I was paying over 60% of my gross income to the government. That included Federal income tax, State income tax, city waiver tax, Fica, medicare, real estate taxes, sales taxes, all those taxes on telephone bills, all those taxes on cable bills, capital gains tax, water tax, and others miscellaneous taxes.