Tuesday, November 30, 2010

UPDATE: WEBB Votes For Earmarks.

Va Senator Jim Webb 
Voted for Earmarks !!
Earmarks are funds provided by the Congress for projects, programs, or grants where the purported congressional direction (whether in statutory text, report language, or other communication) circumvents otherwise applicable merit-based or competitive allocation processes, or specifies the location or recipient.
There is no transparency or accountability in an earmark. 
Earmarks are a very small part of the total budget of the United States. They don't cost us a lot of money, but they do cost us greatly in the integrity of Congress. They have a very poor appearance. They look like payoffs. U.S. Congressional members can secure hundreds of millions of dollars of funding for a project without subjecting it to debate by their colleagues in the Congress, or to the scrutiny and oversight of the public.
If the Senate won't stand against something as onerous as earmarks, will they ever stand against other wastes of tax dollars? 

Republicans who voted for Earmarks
Bennett, Utah;

Cochran, Miss.;

Collins, Maine;

Inhofe, Okla.;

Lugar, Ind.;

Murkowski, Alaska;

Shelby, Ala.;

Voinovich, Ohio.

3 Cheers for these Dems...
They voted against Earmarks.
Bayh, Ind.;

Bennet, Colo.;

Feingold, Wis.;

McCaskill, Mo.;

Nelson, Fla.;

Udall, Colo.;

Warner, Va.
See the voting numbers here 
UPDATE: Americans for Prosperity and VaRight Noted the voting

The U.S. Senate today failed in a formal attempt to ban earmarks through fiscal year 2013.  Virginia Senator Mark Warner voted in favor of addressing the proposal, but Senator Jim Webb did not.  Americans for Prosperity’s Virginia State Director Ben Marchi today issued the following statement:
“Evidently, too many members of the United States Senate did not hear the overwhelming voices of the citizens of America on Election Day earlier this month.  Sadly, Jim Webb is one of those who continued to ignore the people’s clearly-expressed frustration with the runaway growth of the federal government.  Senator Webb had a choice today: stand with the people, or stand with government.  Unfortunately, he chose the latter...... Click link above for full story