Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stowaway Exposes TSA Problem.

Authorities are working to determine whether the mutilated body of a North Carolina student found in a Boston suburb fell from a plane.
The  remains were found on the lawn of a home in Milton, Mass.
Logan International Airport spokesman Phil Orlandella said Tuesday that police are investigating the possibility that the person was a stowaway on a jet bound for the airport.My heart felt condolences for the family.
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This tragic death points out a flaw in the TSA pat downs ad screenings. They are fighting yesterday's terrorist. Al-Queda, and it's minions know what they have done. They know that Atta and crew used boxcutters, Reid tried to hide stuff in his sneakers. Abdulmutallab hid the stuff in his panties. Well this stowaway probably got on a plane in North Carolina. He got as far as Massachusetts. If Osama sent one of his suicide terrorists to North Carolina carrying an explosive vest and snuck on the plane, instead of a student, we would be talking about the hundreds dead, not the 1 poor young man.