Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Robert Hurt Called as winner....

Robert Hurt 114,260 50.79% Precincts Reporting:
    292 of 309 (94.49%)

Voter Turnout:
    224,950 of 425,053 active voters (52.92%)
    224,950 of 446,641 total voters (50.36%)
Votes by County/City

Tom S. P. Perriello
105,726 46.99%

Jeffrey A. Clark
4,808 2.13%

Write In
156 0.06%
Glad that I helped...
Hurt rally on Newsplex
There were many home made signs in the hands of Hurt Supporters
Hurt Supporters outnumbered Moveon folk by 10-1
Make Your Way Over to Hurt's HQ


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  1. Good job to all of the "politickers" who got out there with their hand made signs on their own time to have their voice heard-and it was !! Great work !