Friday, November 12, 2010

Remember "The Customer is always right"

“Don Otto’s Market wants to say we had few customers that understood customer loyalty and its importance to our business,” a message on its Web site reads, later adding: “If you came in only for baguettes, the occasional piece of cheese, the occasional dinner . . . you can not tell yourself you were a supporter of our market.”

The scalding remonstrance was written by Erin McLaughlin, 28, who ran the shop and is engaged to the owner, Michael Otto, 31.

“It was quite frank,” she acknowledged yesterday. “People don’t understand their purchases make a difference, and that by buying something that wasn’t exactly what you want, it gets you closer to what you want. It’s an investment.”

Barney Frank was a customer. The owners must have learned economics from Barney.

Hey Erin, Customers don't shop for "something that wasn’t exactly what you want". They shop for what they want. Next time, give the people what they want. No one is a "supporter" of a store. A store is there to supply a need or a desire. If your store does not supply that need or desire, then there is no need for the store.