Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moonbat Round Up

Inside the George W Bush Library

By Jesus General is a case of full blown Bush Derangement Syndrome.

The ongoing, albeit amusing, battle to save Bristol

Pandagon explains how the right wingers are cheating so Bristol can win. They say,"Bristol is unpopular with the judges and the fans." Ummm, aren't the fans the ones voting for her? OH NO, "due to extensive conservative online organizing and possible cheating, Palin in hanging in."(The error is not mine)

Framing the Schakowsky Plan

Firedog touts Rep.Scakowsky's tax increase plan. Do you remember Jan? She is a fan of voter intimidationand not a big fan of the Bill of Rights

Rachel Maddow Teaches News 101

Crooks and Liars says, "Pause for another moment of brilliance from Rachel Maddow." 

Ailes on Obama: “He just has a different belief system than most Americans.”

Kos is cut and pasting Roger Ailes.

SOROS:Top Progressive Donors To
Give Elsewhere 'If This President Can't Do What We Need

HuffPo and Soros telling libs to make sure they get bang for $