Monday, November 1, 2010

Cop Denied Right to Vote. Why? He was carrying a gun.

James Dearing, who was patrolling his assigned beat near the Bangor Civic Center, decided to stop in and cast an early vote. He walked into the polling place in full uniform and stood in a short line with other voters.
One of the election officials told Dearing he couldn’t bring his gun inside. The officer said he thought it was a joke.

Election warden Wayne Mallar then approached Dearing and reiterated the request: Turn over your weapon to another officer or we can’t let you vote.
Dearing refused.
“I would never relinquish my weapon,” the officer said later.
Mallar stood his ground.
Mallar said Sunday that he couldn’t comment on what happened other than to say, as warden, he is in charge of a polling place and has the right to make determinations about safety.
(The people are in charge of the polling place and the people have the right to determine whether or not Wayne Mallar is a complete idiot or not)
Dearing flipped the safety question around.
“What if someone else had come in with a gun concealed? Then I wouldn’t have my gun to protect people and do my job,” he said.
The officer said he doesn’t want Mallar fired. Dearing just wants the warden to admit he made a mistake.
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Not surprising, but Mallar supports the Democrat running for Governor in Maine