Friday, November 12, 2010

California School Bans US Flag.

It looks like there is an American flag in front of the school.  Denair California is still part of the United States.

13-year-old Cody Alicea rides with an American flag on the back of his bike. He says he does this to be patriotic and to honor veterans, like his own grandfather, Robert. He's had the flag on his bike for two months but Monday, was told to take it down.
A school official at Denair Middle School in California told Cody some students had been complaining about the flag and it was no longer allowed on school property.

"In this country we're supposed to be free," said Cody. "And I should be able to wave my flag wherever I want to. And they're telling me I can't." Cody had to take the flag off his bike and put it in his backpack, where he kept it all week.

Ed Parraz, the Superintendent of the Denair School District told us a school supervisor asked Cody to take down the flag. The supervisor will not be fired or face repercussions.  
Parraz says the supervisor had information that Cody's safety was at risk because of the flag. Some students had complained about it and had apparently made threats. 
Well, Mr.Parraz, you should be kicking those kids out of your school.
You should have a big celebration on June 14th.
You should start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance. 
If people are complaining about the American Flag in the United States, remind them of where they live and prosper.
You should be doing your best to support kids like Cody.
You should darn well not allow bullies to rule. 
It is precisely your behavior that allows these 11,12,13 year old bullies think that what they are doing is OK. Maybe the fact that these kids are getting away with crimes in your school, is why your county has a crime rate well above the California average??