Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today is "Bosses Day"

Today is the day to thank your boss.
Everyone has a boss in some form or another and although bosses have the power to ruin your weekend, make your career, and induce a cold sweat just by calling your name, underneath that big ominous cloud of authority they're regular people like everyone else. Started by a State Farm employee named Patricia Bays Haroski back in 1958 "Boss's Day" is exactly what it sounds like: an opportunity to thank your boss for all the wonderful 'bossing' they've done over the past year. Boss's Day serves as a helpful reminder that being in charge isn't easy and those that do it with grace and wisdom deserve a thank you.

And to those bosses that go out of their way to make life a pain in the butt, just because they can, I am sure you will be given all the thanks you deserve.