Saturday, October 2, 2010

Racist Allred? Will the California Bar censure her for damaging her client??

Gloria Allred is doing more to drive illegal immigrants underground and to target Latinos for racial profiling than anything the State of Arizona has even thought of doing.

Allred dropped a late-September surprise on Meg Whitman based on the allegation that Whitman did not do enough to verify the status of her Latino housekeeper. Whitman, by all accounts, obtained the usual required documentation when she hired the housekeeper......

So why isn't the left excoriating Allred? Why isn't Allred being called the most vile names usually reserved for Tea Party supporters or Republicans?

Legal Insurrection also stated.... The other interesting aspect, quite apart from politics, is Allred's willingness to expose her client to legal harm even though the client does not have any meaningful legal claim. This is not a case where Allred's client is a crime victim who comes forward to the police. There does not appear to be a violation of any law by Whitman, but there does appear to be both immigration and possibly criminal violations by Allred's client, who filed false documents with the government. By going public as she has, Allred has exposed her client to significant legal jeopardy in order to score publicity and political points for Allred.