Sunday, September 5, 2010

Local Principal Gets letter from Rutherford Institute.

The Rutherford Institute, a Virginia-based civil liberties group, sent a letter to Don Curtis, principal of Wilson Middle School in Fishersville, Va. according to the World Net Daily
that explained how the First Amendment relates to school clubs.

The principal, who some allege, threatened to fire any teacher who helped with the organization of a campus Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. It sounds that he was telling the staff to be professional and to be on solid legal foundation.
I am sure it was misinterpreted by some the staff and the media. He told WHSV-TV in Harrisonburg, Va the "tone" of his memo to faculty members "was taken out of context." Those who know the principal, know he is a straight shooter. He is the proud father of an Eagle Scout.

The text of his letter includes......
"As I trust common sense and your elementary knowledge of the law should remind you, the Constitution includes an amendment that expects 'The government will not establish any religion.'
This has been legally stated and supported through case law, interpreted to mean for schools that the school or its employees will not perpetuate, support or establish any religion at school," the principal's note said.
"This means teachers can't support or participate in religious activities while in the official role of a teacher.
Be as religious as you want when you're not in your official role as a teacher. Your official role as a teacher starts anytime you're involved with students.
"Please check with me or your attorney if you need clarification so I can avoid termination proceedings for those of you that don't believe me or wish to test this concept," Curtis wrote. "I'm being somewhat of a smart a&*, but I trust 'You're feeling me!'"

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