Sunday, August 1, 2010

How much is a new Chevy Volt electric car?

Well the sticker price will be $41,000
But just how much is it???

However, with federal subsidies, you could pay as little as $33,500. Additional subsidies provided by the state of California could knock it down even lower, for residents of the Golden State. So what’s the price?
$41,000, of course. The subsidies just mean you don’t pay all of it.
Almost four hundred million dollars in federal subsidies were pumped directly into the design and production of the Volt.
The initial production run consists of just ten thousand units.
That works out to almost 40K per car.
So that means a Chevy Volt will actually cost 81K.
And then there was the Chevy Bailout itself. How much of that goes into each car?
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