Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are there shenanigans in "America's First District" ?

SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Krystal Ball’s (Fire)Fishy Finances Exposed

Va Virtucon is raising some questions about 1st Cong. Dist. candidate Krystal Ball.
They ask.....

So, among the many questions that this all raises are:

  • What is the true value of Krystal Ball’s penny stock portfolio and did she accurately report it to the Clerk of the House on her financial disclosure form?
  • Are Firefish, Papa Bello and/or Crowdgather involved in any “pump and dump” activity or are they legitimate small start-up companies who only unfortunately resemble Greenstone?
  • If the former, to what extent, if any, is Ball involved in such possible activity (she is the CFO of the second largest investor in Firefish) or is she the victim of a possible stock scam?
  • Given Ball’s total investments in Bank of America, Newell Rubbermaid, Sprint and Starbucks range between $4K and $60K, yet she has loaned her campaign over $227,000, is she funding her campaign by selling some of her Firefish, Papa Bello and/or Crowdgather stock? (Whenever she gets around to filing her next financial disclosure form, we should have a better idea as to this.)
  • If Ball’s penny stock investments are being driven by pumps, is she then participating in well-timed dumps to raise money to fund her congressional campaign?