Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is the youth actually Michael Moore?

Big Hollywood is saying that it might very well be him.
Either way, the young man is getting an education.

Flashback: Milton Friedman Schools a Young Michael Moore
Little something from the late 1970s, which means Moore is somewhere in his early to mid-twenties. At first you won’t believe that’s him, but hang in there. He’s much younger and thinner (weren’t we all), so you have too look and watch closely. After a while, the eyes, gestures, double talk, appeals to emotionalism and complete inability to understand or respect logic and facts will start to look familiar. The debate is an interesting time capsule of a time when the Left pretended to be worried about auto safety. Today Moore and his liberal friends want us all driving one of these deathtraps down the freeway amongst semi-trucks and all the big limos transporting environmentalists like Al Gore to Earth Day ceremonies. The Smart Car

We’ll take the Ford Pinto with or without the $13 gizmo any day.

How about the world's cheapest, the Tato Nano