Sunday, June 20, 2010

VaRight Tells Obama to Grow Up

VaRight Tells Obama to Grow Up

What Do You Want Me to Do, Suck the Oil Up With a Straw?

Umm, no, Barack. We want you to stop acting like a petulant, spoiled child and lead the country. You remember. The job you won? President? Ringing any bells?

What we would really like is for you to stop embarrassing the country with your juvenile outbursts. We expect dignity from your office. Remember, others will follow you, though not soon enough. If you don’t respect the country and the office, you can always resign.

I think Va Right is off base here. President Barack Obama does not have that sort of familiarity with straws and sucking.
According to the President, in his book, "Dreams From My Father", his use of straws went for sucking other things.