Friday, June 4, 2010

They are going after Bloggers, Part II

I sent a letter to Michigan lawmaker Bruce Patterson

I just got a reply from Senator Bruce Patterson.
Here is his reply.....
Thank you for your email regarding SB 1323. It has certainly sparked media interest and their one-sided haranguing. Have you actually READ the Bill that was introduced? Or, did you rely on a posting by a dim-witted toady who never read the Bill? Once you read the Bill, feel free to write again and we’ll engage in a constructive conversation. Thank you. Benevolus Sen. Bruce Patterson’s office

Well I read the bill........
and I responded to him.
OH YEAH,THAT IS MUCH BETTER ! ! ! Not only do "reporters get licensed, they get to pay $10 for the privilege. And we get a new government bureaucracy too.
Every blogger can be a reporter, but we will know the curriculum vitae of the blogger.Woooohoooo. So we can vet bloggers.
First you need a "voluntary" license to call yourself a "MICHIGAN REGISTERED REPORTER". And you must be of "good character". As determined by who? You will create a database that will cause commentary to be judged by the resume of the writer, rather than the content of the writing.
That is until the next round of legislation.

The next round will say you MUST be a "MICHIGAN REGISTERED REPORTER" in order to blog in Michigan.

The next round after that will say you must be from specific universities to even be considered a "MICHIGAN REGISTERED REPORTER"

"Oh we are just doing it to maintain the quality of journalism" will be the quote.

Ben Franklin went to school for 2 years. Sorry, not qualified.

Thomas Paine attended school for 5 years. He was a pirate for a time. Sorry, Not qualified
Rush attended 1 year of college. According to his mother, "he flunked everything". Sorry Not Qualified