Thursday, June 24, 2010

Standard of Living.....

What 152 hours work buys today

Radio Shack has put its catalogs for 1939 to 2005 on line.

Choose any date earlier than 10 years ago and you get a feel for just how much our standard of living has increased. The items are generally what we regard as junk--and they're expensive.

Some examples:
1976-77, pp. 4-5: An AM-FM radio and cassette tape deck for $179.95.
Same page: 8-Track Stereo player. Yes: 8-track. Price: $149.95.

1949: pp. 2-3: Amateur transmitter for "only" $1450.00.

1985, pp. 1972-173: MS-DOS computer, $4250.00.

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