Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama refuses to meet with BP CEO

President Obama explained why he had not spoken to BP CEO Tony Hayward,
"When you talk to a guy like a BP CEO, he's going to say all the right things to me. I'm not interested in words. I'm interested in actions."

So, President Obama, should the American people have the same attitude? We have heard all the right things from your administration. We have seen you bent down on the beach. The American people have seen NO ACTION, except sending Eric Holder's people down to Gulf so people can sue.

I don't know if President Obama knows this but CEO means Chief EXECUTIVE Officer. He is the nuts and bolts guy. President Obama thinks he is only going to get "words" from him.

Instead, after 2 months, he is going to meet with the Chairman of the Board of BP, Carl-Henric Svanberg. Svanberg has been with BP for about 8 months. Svanberg has a degree in physics. Does President Obama think that he will get anything other than words from Svanberg?