Saturday, June 5, 2010

Helen Thomas Should Get Canned by Hearst

Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer said that Hearst Newspapers should dismiss Helen Thomas for saying Jews need to "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to Poland and Germany.

"She should lose her job over this," Fleischer said in an email. "As someone who is Jewish, and as someone who worked with her and used to like her, I find this appalling."

"She is advocating religious cleansing. How can Hearst stand by her? If a journalist, or a columnist, said the same thing about blacks or Hispanics, they would already have lost their jobs."

Thomas knows that she could never say the blacks should go back to Africa or the Hispanics should go back to Mexico, she would ruin her over-celebrated reputation as the "dean" of the White House press corps, reports Tim Graham over at Newsbusters