Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Where's Obama?"

President Bush signed a $10.5 billion relief package within four days of the hurricane. Within 1–2 days of the hurricane,the State of Louisiana National Guard troops arrived with relief packages, and participated in security and rescue operations.
Bush was criticized for not returning to Washington, D.C. from his vacation in Texas until after Wednesday afternoon, more than a day after the hurricane hit on Monday.
President Bush, having made his flyover two days earlier, finally visited the Gulf Coast on Friday, September 2, 2005, the fifth day after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast.
It took 11 days and people yelling "WHERE IS PRESIDENT OBAMA??" before he headed to Gulf
He was beating up bankers.
He was beating up a governor in Arizona.
He was campaigning again.

See Doug Ross Timeline Here It is a picture essay of the oil spill.
Even the NY Times is noticing.....
As President Obama, who will visit the Gulf region on Sunday morning, has stepped up his administration’s response to the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, ordering a moratorium on new offshore drilling leases and dispatching cabinet secretaries and cargo planes to the region, the White House is also trying to avert the kind of political damage inflicted on former President George W. Bush by his administration’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina.