Monday, May 17, 2010

"Undocumented Attendees"

"Undocumented Attendees"
Are they just crossing to attend White House state dinner?

President Barack Obama hosts his second state dinner on Wednesday for Mexican President Felipe Calderon. They are worried about party crashers.
Is there such a thing as a party crasher?
Aren't they just "undocumented attendees"?
Are they not just people trying to better themselves?
Trying to enter a party better than their own?
Wouldn't it be illegal to ask for documentation at the door?
It will lead to racial profiling.
Aren't these people just doing a job that Americans don't want to do?
Attending a party with Michelle Obama.
Will the Obama Administration apologize to President Calderon for human rights violations because the Secret Service asked people for their invitation?
Will mayors be calling for the boycott of the White House?