Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trixie Wins in 6th District


Trixie Averill kicked some tail in Lynchburg today. A crowd of about 325 voted Trixie in as Chairperson of the 6th District Republicans. She got about 70% of the weighted vote.
The day started off with an invocation by Jerry Falwell's son. The color guard from Heritage HS displayed the colors. The crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance. We sang The national anthem and "God Bless America.
Bob Goodlatte got the crowd fired up. Did you know a trillion dollars worth of $1000 bills would be over 60 miles high?
There was some shouting at the end the day. Ed Long of Augusta County wanted to speak in regard to a resolution. He was given the brush off originally. You might not agree with what the man has to say, but he damn well has a right to say it. If he wasn't allowed to speak, I think there might have been a Tea Party Revolt. I yelled,"LET HIM SPEAK". I abstained from voting because I did not have enough information on the subject. My gut reaction was to vote NO, because of the shenanigans. I know the issue would have a direct consequences for people I know and respect. I am just concerned about the future, when people I don't trust, might hold those positions.