Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Different views on Immigration

I am Pro-Immigration.
I am the son of two immigrants.
Let us welcome new immigrants in the front door.
Don't allow them to sneak in the back.
Did they get "OK" from Nancy Pelosi to display swastika?
or is that another DC Double Standard?

Byron York Published Top 10 dumbest things said about the Arizona immigration law

I have copied a few of the shorter ones here.
Click the above link to see the rest.

1. “The statute requires police officers to stop and question anyone who looks like an illegal immigrant.”– New York Times editorial....(WRONG)

3. “I can’t imagine Arizonans now reverting to German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques whereby people are required to turn one another in to the authorities on any suspicion of documentation.”– Cardinal Roger Mahony.......(You sound like an idiot if you start using terms like Nazi when talking about law enforcement)

8. “It harkens back to apartheid where all black people in South Africa were required to carry documents in order to move from one part of town to another.”
– Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on ABC’s “This Week”(It doesn't require that)

9. “You can imagine, if you are a Hispanic American in Arizona…suddenly, if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed.”– President Barack Obama (Totally irresponsible)

Do you think any of these people actually read the bill?
NAHHHHHHHHH, they didn't even real the Obamacare bill.
Why would they start now?