Wednesday, May 12, 2010

National Park Service "investigating" Cross Theft

A cross-shaped veterans’ memorial from the Mojave Desert has been stolen.

The National Park Service is now investigating the case.
National Park Service spokeswoman Linda Slater said possible scenarios ranged from people "with an interest in the case" to metal scavengers. That quote tells you just how seriously the National Park Service is going to take this investigation.
Over at BigJournalism.Com, Susan Swift writes..... have a 7 foot tall cross with a scrap value of maybe $100, which would take at least two men most of a day, a pickup truck, and probably 20 gallons of gas, for the 250 mile round trip, not to mention the long hike to access, cut and remove the cross, leaving a net profit of perhaps $20 each for a day’s work. So, who could it have been – bitterly aggrieved anti-religion zealots? Or economically suicidal scrap metal scavengers? Why, scrap metal scavengers!
The cross, first constructed at the remote site in 1934 as a memorial to WWI veterans, has been the subject of a legal fight over the constitutionality of a religious symbol on public lands. Just two weeks ,the US Supreme Court ruled that it would stay as is.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US (VFW) has vowed to catch the people who stole the cross, offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those behind the cross’s theft.

"To think anyone can rationalize the desecration of a war memorial is sickening, and for them to believe they won't be apprehended is very na├»ve,” said Mr. Tradewell, a combat-wounded Vietnam veteran from Sussex, Wis.
H/T Hotair