Thursday, May 13, 2010

I wonder how many FEDEX packages are not delivered?

20K Pieces Of Mail Found
In Mailman's Philly Home

Checks, bills and even a college acceptance letter from 2007 were among 20,000 letters found inside the garage of a Philadelphia postal carrier.Some of mail found in the postal carrier's home dated back to 1997.See the full story here

I know there are bad employees everywhere, in every profession. But why does it seem like there are more working for the government?
If a Fedex package does not get delivered, Fedex has to answer for it.
If a restaurant employee is sleeping on the job, he gets canned.
If your cellphone doesn't work, you get a new company.
This guy has been stealing mail for 13 years.
There might be some ramifications now, but who knows.
I know the college senior might be upset.
I know the guy waiting for $900 would be upset.
Think of the extra time and money they spent.