Monday, May 31, 2010

I got a quick reply from Michigan Lawmaker

It doesn't say a darn thing,
but it was quick
Thank you for e-writing to the office of State Senator Bruce Patterson. Due to the economic challenges being confronted by every sector of our economy, Sen. Patterson has chosen to automate various functions of his Lansing office in order to save taxpayer dollars. This decision has resulted in Sen. Patterson being able to return $40,000 or 70% of his allocated office account for the last Fiscal Year. But it also means he has fewer staff personnel than authorized.

As a consequence of this decision, certain requests from constituents may take longer to fulfill. With a smaller staff, and due to the Committee assignments of the Senator, e-mails are triaged and then delegated based on pre-determined factors. For instance, e-mails are answered if they come from within the sixteen municipalities of the Seventh Senate District. Moreover, individualized e-mails take priority over form mail.

Again, we hope you understand the Senator's desire to be responsive all the while being fiscally sensitive to the demands on taxpayers and their respective financial circumstances.

You may want to check out the e-office of Sen. Bruce Patterson. There you can find interesting items and other ways to provide input. Below you will find the link.

In order to assist you more quickly, please be sure to provide your home mailing address and phone number since your inquiry may necessitate a follow-up call for additional information.

Again, thank you for contacting us. Please let us know if we can ever be of additional assistance in the future.


Bob Mauseth
Sen. Bruce Patterson's office