Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Casey is out. Conspiracies run wild.

Who's not making it to the top 2?
Casey James 82%584
Crystal Bowersox 13%94
Lee DeWyze 5%32
710 votes total
Over at Topidolblog, they write........
People Magazine and the LA Times release spoilers about the performances during rehearsals. People said, "Casey was accompanied on stage by his amp. His upbeat tune started with vigor, kicking into a solid groove that will have people on their feet and dancing" and the LA Times said the performance "consisted of him jamming away with a single heavy-duty amp without a care in the world." That doesn't sound like that slow OK, Alright With Me song he performed last night. Did the producers force Casey to change his song to make sure he wouldn't make it into the finale? No one thinks Casey's going to be in the top 2, and even DialIdol has him in the red. Does Casey have a prayer of making it through tonight?
About Lee Dewyze......
A fraking backup singer choir? Are you kidding me? Oh. Did you hear how he ruined that first refrain with his last hallelujah? Why didn’t you put the backup singers in robes for chrissake? At least we know they were there to drown out DeWheezy’s patented off-key wheeziness, but hey, stick him in all white and call it a moment. The judges cream all over themselves. They also use this time to drive the point home how Lee is what this show is all about. How Lee was just a guy selling paint searching for his big break. How Lee laid down the gauntlet. How Lee has improved so much in this competition. Kara DioGuardi is out of control emphatically demanding HER moment — she really does become more insufferable every time she opens her mouth. Simon basically handed him the title. Randy and Ellen reiterated everything the somewhat more pertinent judges said. It’s manipulative. It’s predicable. It’s pathetic.