Monday, April 26, 2010

VaRight posted a letter; Prove It.

National Tea Party Federation
Wrote to the
Congressional Black Caucus.......

Dear Chairwoman Lee,
The National Tea Party Federation (the “Federation”) is comprised of approximately
seventy-five local and national tea party groups, which collectively represent over 500,000 individual members.
The Federation was formed primarily to create a unified message and media response amongst key leadership and their affiliates. The Federation does not and will not tolerate any form of racism, violence or hate speech; in fact, its charter expressly rejects the same, and its membership rules specifically require that each member and its leadership comport themselves accordingly.
It will not surprise you, therefore, that we treat each and every allegation of racism lodged against the Tea Party with the utmost concern, which is the reason we write you today........

Unfortunately, despite weeks of searching, we have been unable to find any evidence corroborating Mr. Lewis’ and Mr. Carson's allegations. We therefore turn to you, and respectfully request that you provide us with any and all evidence

video, audio, interviews, first-hand accounts, etc.

of the N-word being hurled against your members (or anyone else) during the Rally................
See the full letter here