Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crucifix Controversy in Oklahoma Catholic Church.

Churchgoers are outraged over a crucifix that has been hanging in a Catholic church since February.The Crucifix, they say, shows an image of genitalia on Jesus,according to reports.
Critics of the crucifix take issue with what appears to be a large penis covering Jesus’ abdominal area. Seeton said the portion of the crucifix in question is meant to be Jesus’ abdomen "showing distension” — not a penis.
I understand artistic license,
but shouldn't that be left to
art galleries or museums?
Why does an institution want to generate contoversy? Clearly, a crucifix like this will cause controversy. Adults can disagree upon the artistic value of this crucifix. They can disagree on what is portrayed. But I can't imagine any logical adult thinking that we need to bring that disagreement into the church.