Saturday, March 13, 2010

Irish Fact of the Day #9

Aran Sweater, aka Irish Sweater

We have all seen them, especially around St.Patrick's Day. They are great for the spring and fall. Depending upon your winter, then too.
A genuine Aran sweater weighs atleast 2.5 pounds.
It uses 10 different types of stitches.
4-6 texture patterns are used with a typical sweater.
A Genuine sweater costs in the vicinity of $250.

The story told to tourists is that the Aran knitting is from ancient knitting techniques passed down thru generations and designs are centuries old patterns representing families. Well that is a bit of Blarney....

Aran sweaters have only been made since around 1930, first by Patons of England.
The Irish Sweaters shown are from Clanarans