Saturday, March 6, 2010

Iraqi Democracy Is Winning

Voters show strong will

Iraq election:
Security forces vote early,
smiling and proud

Though several more bombs underscored the persistent insurgent threat to the Iraq election, the attitude among security forces – many of whom couldn't safely wear their uniform in public three years ago – was light-hearted.

Shrapnel had partially blinded Ali al-Tamimi, and both of his legs were broken in several places. But not even 24 hours after being injured in a suicide bombing northeast of Baghdad, Mr. Tamimi cast a ballot from his hospital bed, joining hundreds of thousands of other Iraqis who voted Thursday in an early round reserved for security forces, detainees, and hospital patients who might not be able to make it to the polls for Sunday's parliamentary election.

"I challenge them. I will vote in spite of them!" Tamimi, the head of health services in Diyala province, said of the bombers. "This is our chance to elect a better future for Iraq."

H/T Christian Science Monitor