Friday, March 5, 2010

Frugal Woman leaves a Fortune.

MultiMillionaire's 1 Bedroom Home.

Grace Groner left her entire fortune to her Alma Mater Lake Forest College in Illinios.

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It was worth about 7 million.
It started with a $180 stock purchase in 1935.
That was worth about $3000 today, or about 6 weeks salary.
It was quite a big sum 75 years ago.

Here are some prices from 1935
A Gallon of gas cost 19 cents.
Steak was 36 cents a pound

Eggs were 37 cents a dozen
Milk was 24 cents a gallon
Coffee was 26 cents a pound
A House cost around $6000
A Stamp was 3 cents
A car was around $580

Annual Salary was around $1500.