Saturday, March 27, 2010

For Augusta County Republicans.................

Trixie Averill
6th Congressional District Chairman

Dear Augusta County Republicans,

Augusta County's Mass Meeting is Tuesday, March 30, at the Government Center in Verona. Registration is from 5-7; meeting begins at 7:00 sharp. Please come out and support Trixie Averill for Chairman of the 6th Congressional District. She is endorsed by Congressman Bob Goodlatte (see email below). Let me know if you have questions or if I can provide further information.

Best regards,

~Lynn Mitchell
6th District Representative / RPV Central Committee
Augusta County

Augusta County Republicans-

If you are a voter in Augusta County and want to be a Delegate to the 2010 6th Congressional District Republican Convention, you must attend the Augusta County Republican Mass Meeting THIS Tuesday March 30th at 7pm at the Augusta County Government Center. Registration will begin at 5pm and you must be in line by 7pm, so I would encourage you to get to the Government Center early.