Thursday, February 25, 2010

Congressman Wiener reprimanded on the floor of the house.

The Congressman from Brooklyn hasn't a clue ! ! !
The existence of a government program stifles competition. The government does not have to show a profit. They don't have to streamline. They don't have to provide the best service. If they go "over budget", they just raise taxes. The true cost of government health care will never be placed on a balance sheet.
Advertising will be under the budget of the Ad Council.
Personnel numbers are fungible.
Efficiency is not a concern.
Fraud and waste in Medicare is rampant
If a private firm had the level of incompetence that the government has, there would be a whole lot of people in jail.
There is no mention of tort reform. Will you be able to sue the government as easily as your insurance company and doctor? If so, who pays? The taxpayer.

H/T Real Revo