Thursday, February 4, 2010

$2.5 Million of taxpayers money paying for a Super Bowl Ad??????

Census Ad in URDU

During these tough economic times, American families are forced to make tough choices about what they can spend money on and what they need to cut from their household budgets.

Through the course of the budget process we did the same thing.

So Says the White House

If that is true, why are we taxpayers paying $2.5 Million for a commercial during the Super Bowl? They are flooding the airwaves with a stupid commercial asking,"How will we know how many teachers we will need if we don't fill out the census?" I guess the number of kids registering for class won't tell us? Will the census tell us if 1/2 the kids are planning on going to private school?
And they will spend a total of over $133 Million to have ads in 28 languages

Census Ad in HMONG

And is Acorn still out of the Census???

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