Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch his head Ping Pong during ANOTHER PHOTO OP

The President uses a classroom for a PHOTO OP
School was interrupted last Tuesday for another PHOTO OP by President Obama. President Obama and the TELEPROMPTER were brought into a 6th grade classroom at Graham Road Elementary School,to tout yet another spending program.

President Obama says,"And here's how Race to the Top works. Last year, we set aside more than $4 billion(We borrowed $4B more from China??) to improve our schools -- one of the largest investments in reform in our nation's history."

It looks like the President is addressing the press corp, but the Washington Post wrote, "'We're going to raise the bar for all our students and take bigger steps towards closing the achievement gap that denies so many students, especially black and Latino students, a fair shot at their dreams,' Obama told a group of sixth-graders at Graham Road Elementary."
I assume they were off camera, so as not to spoil the photo op.
H/T Newsbusters