Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reposts on Che

Swacgirl had a piece on Che.
I just wanted to help people remember who Che really was.
These were previously posted at Yankeephilip
I guess Obama supporters like Che too?
See a news report here .
I guess Che might be kin.

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was born in Rosario, Argentina, the eldest of five children in a family of Spanish and Irish descent. One of Guevara's forebears, Patrick Lynch, was born in Galway,Ireland, in 1715.( My mom and dad are from Galway) He left for Bilbao, Spain and traveled from there to Argentina. Francisco Lynch (Guevara's great-grandfather) was born in 1817, and Ana Lynch (his grandmother) in 1868. Her son, Ernesto Guevara Lynch (Guevara's father) was born in 1900. Guevara Lynch married Celia de la Serna y Llosa in 1927 and they had three sons and two daughters. If Che bore the name of his father, similar to how we do it here, his name would be Ernie Lynch. Does that sound revolutionary?
The proletariat rose up and shouted "ERNIE,ERNIE"