Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Joan Rivers Kicked Off Newark-Bound Flight for Suspicious Passport

Joan Rivers has been known to look kind of scary at times, but no one's ever mistaken her for a potential terrorist – until now.

The ever-hysterical plastic-surgery poster woman was kicked off a Newark-bound Continental flight from Costa Rica on Sunday after a security agent deemed the two names on her passport suspicious, according to NBC

"If I were going to make up an alias, I wouldn't pick Rosenberg. I'd pick Jolie or Pitt," said Rivers. "Do terrorists wear Manolo Blahniks? I can tell you Donna Karan does not make anything that hides a bomb," she said."I tried the tears; they didn't work. I tried reasoning. I couldn't bribe because I didn't have any money," she said. "I said 'I'm going to have a heart attack over this,' so the woman called the paramedics."
That's almost as dumb as when they made Al Gore take off his shoes....