Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama Gives Himself a B-Plus Grade

Following a first year in office in which Obama..

  1. Presided over the greatest deficit in American history
  2. Presided over the largest meltdown of the economy since FDR
  3. Claimed without stimulus unemployment would reach 8% but watched it reach 10.2% with stimulus.
  4. Watched the U.S. Military position in Afghanistan deteriorate.
  5. Appointed more tax cheats, Socialists, criminals and their ilk to the WH staff since Teapot Dome.
  6. Insulted allies in Europe and Israel.
  7. Bowed to World Leaders
  8. Saw the advancement of the North Korean missile program and the Iranian nuclear program.
  9. Spent billions to bail out auto manufacturers that will still fail.
  10. Spent Billions to bail out buddies at Goldman Sachs
  11. Instigated “cash for clunkers,” a net loss for the economy.
  12. Attempted and failed to push through an economy destroying cap and trade system.
  13. Attempted and failed to push through a socialist take over of the economy through a economy destroying health care plan.
  14. Failed where he succeeded (stimulus) and succeeded where he has so far failed (cap and trade and Obamacare.)
  15. Added 7 new imaginary states to the map.
  16. Added many new imaginary congressional districts where "Jobs were created"
  17. Had more photo ops than any other President
  18. Spent more money for a date night than any other president.
  19. Insulted the Special Olympics
  20. Gave Dollar Store crap to Gordon Brown and Queen Elizabeth
  21. Appointed more "Czars" since FDR's Kitchen Cabinet
  22. Took 6 months to pick a dog