Saturday, December 12, 2009

If the Republican Senators are actually against "Obamacare", they can show it.


The majority of Americans have said no to Obamacare. Many Americans have spent their own dollars travelling to DC to voice their opinion. The Grassroots are stirring. They want the Republicans to prove they are different, not just Democrat-lite.

How can they do that?
Over at Redstate they suggest the Senators.......
Stop constantly agreeing to “unanimous consent” requests from the Democrats.

The most powerful words in the Senate are “I object.” Senate Republicans should have been shouting those two words on the Senate floor early and often from the moment this bill was considered, instead of the complete silence we have heard.

If a Republican Senator suggested the absence of a quorum, Democrats could not transact business on the bill.

The Republicans should be constantly bringing up constitutional points of order, one after another, on every questionable provision.

The Republicans should be offering one amendment after another on all of their favorite issues such as guns, abortion, elimination of the death tax, ending the TARP program, and gay marriage in the District of Columbia. (Offer your own amendments on portability, medicare fraud, tort reform, real reform)

Republicans should be forcing the reading of the bill and every single amendment, not consenting to waiving that requirement.