Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FOUND: $6000 for every actual uninsured person , at no cost to the taxpayer

It was reported last week on "60 Minutes" that Medicare fraud costs the taxpayers $60 Billion.
Jeffrey Anderson writes in The Weekly Standard that the profits of the 10 largest insurance companies were about $8 Billion.
$60 Billion in Fraud vs $8 Billion in Profit.
Which one sounds better run?

Well if we eliminated the fraud first, if we saved the $60 Billion first, if we enforced the law first, that will give us over $1200 for every one of those alleged 47 million uninsured Americans.
It we use President Obama's 30 Million uninsured number, that gives us $2000 per uninsured.
If we eliminate those who voluntarily avoid insurance, and those that can get insurance through other choices like SCIP, Medicare, Medicaid, and "undocumented foreign workers" we are down to about 10 million people. That gives us $6000 to cover each of them.
Why don't we start there, before we trash the system we have now?
$6K goes a long way in insuring people.